Has Paid Media Found Its Mojo?

There are two types of branded content in this World; Paid and Earned. Earned media refers to the process of garnering publicity through media, blogger and influencer relations. Out of necessity it has high quality content at its heart, and has somewhat short-sightedly become the de facto model used by PR professionals because of that. But contrary to belief, PR is not synonymous with earned media.

pr winners

Hippos, polar bears & paint: PR highlights of 2015

A good PR campaign or stunt can work wonders for a brand. Get the timing, tone and creativity just right and not only will you see tons of national, regional, online and broadcast coverage but thanks to social media, it can also end up going viral, giving you more exposure than money could ever buy. Here are just a few of our favourites from 2015…

the power of freetext

The power of free text

“We want a holiday idea to go out in August!”, “We’d like to be considered as ownership contenders of Valentine’s Day!” “We want to send a home improvements idea out this Bank Holiday!” Sound familiar? News tends to be on a loop. There are always new angles to take but there isn’t always the opportunity…